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Diana_Kimberly - (((((Accepted)))))

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Diana_Kimberly - (((((Accepted))))) Empty Diana_Kimberly - (((((Accepted)))))

Post by Diana_Kimberly Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:51 pm

1. Personal Information

Full Name: Diana_Kimberly
Date of Birth: 10/15/1997
Gender: Female

2. Basic Requirements

Knows how to properly RP: Yes
Clean Admin Records: Yes

3. Essay
3.1 Tell us some things about yourself (No word limit): im Diana Kimberly From Los Santos And I have two Brothers And im Early abandoned by my mother and im stop to school and i need to work and i this few days i got work Bartender and im Start again to School and im Done in my school and im apply in PD to Help my Country and you see the real change in our country

3.2 Why should we pick you instead of the other applicants (No word limit):  because you see the real change to our country and you not disspointed about my skills i know to rp and im good in shooting and im active and everyday senponse to beacon because that is my resposibilities as LSPD i reminder You see the Real Change In our Country

3.3 How do you imagine yourself after one year in the department (No word limit): maybe they did not forget me after a year to a year to be LSPD will help the youth to be detained before and criminals and there I image myself to help thank you for listening

~~~~~Screen Shot About Stats~~~~~
Diana_Kimberly - (((((Accepted))))) Ada10

Signed [DATE], 10.07.2016
[YOUR NAME HERE] Diana_Kimberly

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Diana_Kimberly - (((((Accepted))))) Empty Re: Diana_Kimberly - (((((Accepted)))))

Post by Renz_Luiz_Malig Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:24 pm

Accepted, Meet me up now!

LSPD Chief.
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