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David Thomas For Los Santos Fire & Medical Department Leader .

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David Thomas For Los Santos Fire & Medical Department Leader . Empty David Thomas For Los Santos Fire & Medical Department Leader .

Post by David_Thomas Mon May 08, 2017 2:39 pm


Name:David Thomas

Age: 18


Phone Number:47052

Biography ( a minimun of 100 words ): I am David Thomas . I remember when i was a kid my uncle died because there is no place to run because there is a burglar chasing him i cant help him because i was hiding and i was just a kid the burglar tried to smoke my uncle my uncle hide then the burglar lights a cigarette then after he get the bottle of gas then start spilling it all over the place then I was to go out but i did'nt coz my uncle tackled the burglar because he was going to light the gas allover the place. but the burglar didnt stop and lighted the place i rushed to exit our home but my uncle didnt got out because he was fighting the burglar so he died in vain because of the fire caused by a burglar. I am here to help other people to become one of the Firefighters of San Andreas so I want to apply and help people with all due respect honor courage and knowledge i will bear our family and help people, I arrived in Los Santos at the end of June this year. I had some $10000 on my bank account but realised that in a while it wouldn’t be enough to pay the rent of the airport motel , the food, my driver’s license and other things. I never expected that living on my own could be that hard. Because after all I didn’t had the help of my parents anymore or friends. I left those all behind. Mostly I was just walking in the streets trying to find something to do since I was mostly bored all the time. After looking in the local newspaper for a job to get some kind of income I decided to start as a Mechanic, Ofcourse After I got enough Money, then I got a Drivers License.

Why do you want to join LSFMD: To save people when they have 2 sec left to live

Why should this application be approve? : cause i am ready to serve my country and i can assure you that i will work hard and save the lives of the people all over Los Santos

Post a screenshots of your stats ( /stats ) : [[ ]]


Name:David Thomas



Location:Manila Philippines

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