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FBI Director

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FBI Director  Empty FBI Director

Post by Hanes Sun Jul 10, 2016 9:23 pm

First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
June, 10 1988
Current/past Employment
Jefferson Motel Los Santos San Andreas
Phone Number

I, Hanes Villanura am an immigrant from San Fierro and have been in Los Santos for over a year now. I am a loyal and a hard working man who would rather do his job than socialize, I feel that helping people and working is social enough for myself. I have a Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy and proceeded to Law  from the University in San Fierro and I have worked with a few private companies as consult but now I feel that I want to help people by becoming a LEO/PMA and since there is a major need for them in the areas of Los Santos, I moved there to enlist within one of these departments.

I have a good set of skills that should be used for a good purpose, fighting crime. A good set of skills shouldn't be wasted but used. I will do my job as good as possible and as perfect as possible. I will always be available for work to serve my duty, take orders and learn more to make my life complete.

As all people living in the city of Los Santos, I want to have a decent job, with a proper salary, a house and a strong family. I believe that my main goal starts here, with protecting the lives, property and rights of all people; I want to provide the best in quality service to earn the highest respect and confidence from the citizens… I would appreciate to be assigned on-duty as soon as possible and get promoted to be able to be a leader in the area of responsibility and accountability by exercising the maximum effort toward reaching the department’s mission and also, to treat all citizens and fellow employees in a fair and equitable manner.

Why do you think we should accept you out of all of the applicants?
I haven't got anything to display about myself, on the grounds that since we were youthful our guardians would update to us on a consistent premise, reminding us to be various things which on the off chance that I list my characteristics, it won't sound as one of a kind as others yet in the event that I were to assess myself, I would say I'm idealistic inside all that I do.

Have you ever been arrested or involved with a criminal organization?
Provide a picture of yourself
FBI Director  Wbm83cd87
Social Security Information
FBI Director  GrK1p2F
OOC Information
+8:00 GMT
Do you have teamspeak with a working microphone?
Warnings and/or Bans
Law Enforcement Experience
Is this your main account?
Previous names/main name:

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FBI Director  Empty Re: FBI Director

Post by DanEdward Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:25 pm

No More Information Of You FBI Director  Fafa10

Ed Instravinsky
(Rank 6 El Primer Rey)

Mexican Mafia For Lyf!

FBI Director  Mexico11
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