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{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }}

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{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Empty {{ Varrios Los Aztecas }}

Post by Christian Aztecas Sat Jun 27, 2020 9:50 pm


GANGNAME: The Varrios Los Aztecas

In game name: Christian_Aztecas

Level 5

Boss: Christian_Aztecas

UnderBoss: Carmelo_Varrios

The Story of The Varrios Los Aztecas

The Varrios Los Aztecas have been around since the early 1980s, and are one of the more recently formed gangs in Los Santos. Much of their origins and past history is unknown. Likewise, the origins and past of their rivalry with the other Los Santos gangs - particularly the Los Santos Vagos - is also unknown, though it obviously began sometime between 1980 and 1992. It is highly likely that they evolved from the El Corona neighborhood, and their presence grew with the increase of Mexican and other Hispanic/Latino immigration to the area, correlating with the relative deprivation of the area compared to the rest of the city.


R6: GodFather
R5: UnderBoss
R4: Lieutenant
R3: Mercenary
R2: Associates
R1: Outsider

All Member of Gang:

R6: Christian_Aztecas
R5: Carmelo_Aztecas
R5: Jc_Aztecas
R4: Philip_Aztecas
R3: JunJun_Aztecas
R3: Ianzo_Aztecas
R2: Kurt_Aztecas
R2: Webss_Aztecas
R2: Vaughn_Aztecas
R2: Ezekiel_Aztecas
R3: Angelo_Aztecas

(( HQ )) HeadQuarters: NA SND NA KAY SIR FOZZY

Skin GodFather: Id 292

Skin UnderBoss,Lieutenant: Id 48

Skin Associates,Mercenary,Outsider: Id 177

Familly Signature: Aztecas

Thankyou Admin for Read my Application Gang

Stay Safe Admin and God

{{ Gang Car }}

{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Images15
{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Images16

{{ Gang Picture }}

{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen12
{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen11

{{ Gang HQ }}

{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Img_2010
{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen13

{{ Gang Interior HQ }}

{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen15
{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen14
{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen16
{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen18
{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen19
{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Screen17

Christian Aztecas
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{{ Varrios Los Aztecas }} Empty Pa sali po

Post by AlyFrancine Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:16 pm

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