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Ren Escobar Application Form On Lspd

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Ren Escobar Application Form On Lspd Empty Ren Escobar Application Form On Lspd

Post by renescobar Sat Jun 27, 2020 9:44 pm

Los Santos Police Department

''Dedicated to Order woth Steadfast Loyalty and unrivally valour''

1 Personal Information

Full Name:Ren_Escobar
Date Of Birth:October 17 2006G

2.Basic Requirements

Know How to properly RP:yes
Clean admin records:Yes


3.1Tell Us some things about yourself(No word limit)
Hi my name is Ren_Martinez My Dad in Mom was working hard in office for me in 2012 im studying at Philipines and when i was finished study in grade 2 my mom and dad brought me a bike so that day i have no idea my parents is buying me a bike then when I went to my home Im suprised that i have a bike when i was 3 years old my dream is a mountain bike. Then My Parents decided we living in los santos in los santos i have do a bad things and good things the bad things is when we lived on los santos im being gangster on los santos im selling drugs and weapons then in 2015 i decided to leave my parents in los santos then when i decided to join a New Peoples Army yeah i joined npa and then after 1month i decided to leave the npa to join LSFMD the faction is to save other peoples from accident and injuries and all i have do in bad things im deleted in my mind after 1 year staying in LSFMD i decided to join Familia De Escobar then after 1 day i change my name to Ren_Escobar thats all my essay thx

3.2Why should we pick you instead other applicants (No word Limit) ESPECIALLY IM GOOD AT SPYING I KNOW SOME GANG BASES AND I HAVE A TALENT AT DRIVING AT SHOOTING.

3.3 How do you imagine yourself after one year in the department (No word limit) I be a good officer in LSPD i have to do my best from this department and that's all thank you.

Signed [June 17 2020]

Out of Character(OG) :Information

Name:Ren Martinez
Last Name:Smith

How many hours did you spent to play SAMP

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