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LSFMD || Recruitment Opened

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 LSFMD || Recruitment Opened Empty LSFMD || Recruitment Opened

Post by Suzy_Bae Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:31 pm


 LSFMD || Recruitment Opened 4

Recruitment is now open for aspiring applicants.

How to become an LSFMD member?

Its simple, post your application and if your application has been accepted wait for a response or ingame call from Chief Dr.Zmik_Leonez for the next phase of our recruitment, which is a interview.

As long as you put in your best in your application, answer every question with your best efforts, meet the requirements of the LSFMD and follow the rules, you'll be Accepted and hopefully be able to work with us soon.



IC Requirement :
- Level 3+ in game.
- You must be Active.
- Low Criminal Record ( Records must be below 50 on Crimes & below 30 on arrest )
- Applicant must have Application form. (Must post Application Form @LSFMD Section)
- Able to follow orders
- Able to help people who require medical attention

OOC Requirements
-Good in English
-Good Role-Playing skills

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