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Kurouni Shanaiga's LSPD Application Form

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Kurouni Shanaiga's LSPD Application Form Empty Kurouni Shanaiga's LSPD Application Form

Post by Emerjay009 Sat May 02, 2020 10:52 pm

Los Santos Police Department

"Dedicated to Order with Steadfast Loyalty and Unrivalled Valour."

1. Personal Information

Full Name: Kurouni Shanaiga
Date of Birth: march 7 2000
Gender: Male

2. Basic Requirements

Knows how to properly RP: Yes
Clean Admin Records: Yes

3. Essay

3.1 Tell us some things about yourself (No word limit):

I Enjoy Making Videos especially Extreme ones, I have a straight personality, what you see is what you get, what you must see is visible clearly. I don't like someone destroying or picking my passion upon something. I don't want somebody taking advantage of someone just to prove that they're eligible of something, and I like Cats.

3.2 Why should we pick you instead of the other applicants (No word limit):

I have taken Intensive Training in Carchasing, I know and I Believe I can make the LSPD The Best Out of It, and especially I never give up easily. Law applies for everyone if no one, none at all.

3.3 How do you imagine yourself after one year in the department (No word limit):

A Great captain of a Special Tactic Force Unit of the LSPD.

Signed May 2, 2020,
Kurouni Shanaiga

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