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Post by David_Thomas Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:26 pm

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David Thomas
Mad Dog MC  Philippines 38545750?op=7&pa=0&pa2=0&pa3=1440&pa4=423&pa5=0&pa6=ff0000&pa7=Creampuff&pa8=5&pa9=0&pa10=1&pa11=0&pa12=Co%20-Leader&pa13=0&pa14=000000&pa15=0&pa16=0&pa17=100&pa18=0&pa19=10&pa20=ffffff&pa21=180&pa22=100&pa23=0&pa24=0&pa25=1&pa26=ff0000&pa27=6&pa28=eeeeee&pa29=ffffff&pa30=100&pa31=10&pa32=1&pa33=45&pa34=0&pa35=0&pa36=1&pa37=0&pa38=300x200%3E%2C300x200%3E&pa39=0&klu=1510737898
Kevin Realic

Mad Dog MC  Philippines 38545750?op=7&pa=0&pa2=0&pa3=1440&pa4=423&pa5=0&pa6=ff0000&pa7=Creampuff&pa8=5&pa9=0&pa10=1&pa11=0&pa12=Background%20Story&pa13=0&pa14=000000&pa15=0&pa16=0&pa17=100&pa18=0&pa19=10&pa20=ffffff&pa21=180&pa22=100&pa23=0&pa24=0&pa25=1&pa26=ff0000&pa27=6&pa28=eeeeee&pa29=ffffff&pa30=100&pa31=10&pa32=1&pa33=45&pa34=0&pa35=0&pa36=1&pa37=0&pa38=300x200%3E%2C300x200%3E&pa39=0&klu=1510737898
Mad Dog MC Philippines
Mad Dog MC  Philippines TkEOOOU
The Dogs

It takes much more than a tattoo and a motorcycle to become a true Dog.

The membership guidelines are but a part of the qualifications.... The rest, we will test on the street.

Mad Dog Motorcycle Club members are acquired by invitation only. Primarily for cruisers, the group only accepts motorcyclists dedicated to free spirited riding and brotherhood. Recruits have to be sponsored by a Member in Good Standing and surpass a strict period of at least 6 months. Check out these pictures and see what it's like to ride with the Mad Dogs.
Mad Dog MC  Philippines 2vPBpdd
Founder's Message

Mad Dog Motorcycle Club was a product of evolution rather than planning. Living outside the States for over 10 years, I figured I'd better buy a Harley in the Philippines or risk "missing the boat." So I did... that was early 1994.

From initial visions of riding with Harleys only, I soon realized there just weren't enough Hogs actually on the road in the P.I., and they were so expensive (how about US$ 45,000 for a nearly stock Fat Boy!), few could afford to buy one. Soon the Harley-only idea became "anything except Japanese bikes." That worked a bit better, and we ended up with a few more guys for our weekly informal Saturday rides. But eventually, logic hit me. It's not the bike, it's the biker. With that, any "easy rider" - style bike was welcome to join our informal rides.

The Saturday rides always ended up in my garage area in Makati for a few beers and the usual winding-down roadwar B.S. sessions. It was during one of these sessions Mad Dog MC was born. Encouraging Harleys but accepting all cruisers, we agreed MDMC would be about brotherhood and riding, not politics and meetings. To affirm our commitment, we agreed to design and get a Club tattoo. (None of us had tats at the time). And so it was...the beginning of MDMC, October 1994.

Pure to the purpose of our founding, we clocked up the mileage. We rode all over the country in all kinds of conditions as the Club built up its membership, biker-by-biker. Priceless experiences just never stopped.

Today we are a much larger organization, but the spirit of our "garage" days lives on as it must. Brotherhood, riding, helping people along the way, leaving a place better than it was before we arrived...these things comprise the soul of MDMC and define why we are Mad Dogs. To let it get more complex than that would be sacrificing the purity of its purpose.


Tom Leber

MDMC # 2

Founding President

International President

Lifetime Member

Mad Dog MC Ride Schedule

MDMC Ride Schedule -

Tuesday night is Brotherhood in Manila Doghouse. Rides/activities at 8 pm. Announcements at 9 pm. Rides on Tuesdays and Saturdays will be announced by text broadcast. - Guest riders are welcome.

Tuesday night in Angeles City & Subic contact us for details.

Saturday rides depart early morning every week from two locations. In Manila we meet at Petron on EDSA opposite Dusit Thani, in Angeles we meet at Petron on Clark. Any changes to the regular Tuesday and Saturday rides will be broadcast by SMS to all Dogs and anyone expressing an interest.

Mad Dog MC  Philippines VEFbzIA Mad Dog MC  Philippines 0c5Fdvf
Mad Dog MC  Philippines QUQbPab Mad Dog MC  Philippines 1TSQaxH
Mad Dog MC  Philippines XEpWjal Mad Dog MC  Philippines EYYDLGr

Rides and Events
Mad Dog MC  Philippines U7IFNCY

Remember this ... the Mad Dog RIDES!

As well as the rides you see below the Dogs have their customary Tuesday night, Saturday rides and Iron Butt rides.

Guests are welcome but need to make themselves know to the Ride Lead or the Sweepers will do their job.

MDMC also has many more Patch rides and informal rides that if you guest ride with us you'll get to know about. For info and photos of MDMC rides look around this site.

Each year the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club hosts a Charity Poker Run to help some of the local Foundations in need of assistance. The pictures on the left reflect just a few of these events that are held each year.

The Charity Poker Run is open to all motorcycle and scooter riders no matter what size of bike you have. There will be participants from many of the local clubs in the region. There are great prizes for the best three poker hands at the end of the ride and a chance to win a new motorcycle in our raffle draw. To check the route and all the times and details please click on the link above.

Riding with the MAD DOGS is as close to heaven as some will ever come........


MDMC Philippine Road Rules

Road Rules

"Camaraderie and Brotherhood are at the foundation of being a Mad Dog. No matter how well you ride, how many miles you've run, or how much you spend on your bike...If you don't have it, you ain't comin' in!"
The Mad Dog Rides
Weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, long ride, short ride, required ride, yay ride, nay ride, 'ho ride, bitch ride event ride, bride ride, paid ride...ahh, whatever!...we RIDE!.

Mad Dog MC  Philippines ZegsS56
Mad Dog Philippines Chapter

MDMC Mother Chapter

It all started here. Manila, Philippines.

This website is dedicated to the countless Mad Dog MC antics that helped build the Club to what it is today. And as Tom #2 says, Mad Dog MC was a function of natural evolution....And the Club continues to strengthen and grow with each mile we Dogs.....and the miles roll on.

Mad Dog MC  Philippines 3FMbFCh
Mad Dog MC  Philippines OjME21l

But.... there is one thing that does not evolve, that does not change, that is the constant that bonds us all together

RESPECT- knowing that once a Mad Dog, always a Mad Dog, that once a brother, always a brother.

Our Colors reflect our belief : FREEDOM, COURAGE, LOYALTY

For those who run with us, run fast, with the pack, and run free..... MDFFMD

L, H, & R

The Mad Dog

Mad Dog MC  Philippines LuVjCkN
Mad Dog MC Chapters
MDMC respects the other MC Clubs.

Mad Dog Motorcycle Club was founded in 1994 in the Philippines it is now the premier MC in Asia.

MDMC is a Bike Club with a diverse, interesting and no nonsense attitude to riding and to others. It takes much more than a tattoo and a Harley or big cruiser to become a Dog. Mad Dog Motorcycle Club members are acquired by invitation only. A Club for Harley Davidson and large bore cruisers, the group only accepts bikers who are dedicated to free spirited riding and brotherhood.
Read on for more stories ... some true ... all deniable.

On October 3, 1994, Tom Leber and some close friends gathered in his garage and founded the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club. The result was an organization built on the principle of camaraderie and diversity. A brotherhood bounded by principles instead of borders. Since then, the Mad Dogs have set fire to the streets of the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong....and further ... creating the standard for Motorcycle Clubs in South East Asia. Explore these pages to find more about the legend of the Mad Dogs.

MDMC has Chapters in the Philippines (Manila & Angeles), Japan (Fukuoka & Tokyo), Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.


Just ring the bell and come on in!.

The Dog House

Mad Dog MC  Philippines FjDJbht
The Mad Dog Motorcycle Club Philippines Clubhouse is located at:

31 Polaris Street, Barangay Bel Air, Makati City, Metro Manila

Bar Public Hours: 24/7

The Clubhouse is adjoined to the Handlebar Bar & Grill

The Dog House is occasionally closed for members-only functions.

Mad Dog MC  Philippines DVqKmRc
Mad Dog MC  Philippines NtaZLH1
Mad Dog MC  Philippines 7gVqYbb

Charity Rides
We take pride in the life we've chosen. Writing our rules as we go along.

In our eyes, we don't have to be bandits and outlaws to earn our place...or... maybe we do....

Mad Dog Philippines Special Projects Team Join the University of the Philippines

Philippine General Hospital Pedia Oncology Support Group On Friday, Oct. 26, 2007, Mad Dog Motorcycle Club Philippines will be the major supporters of a day-long outdoor picnic to mark the 14th anniversary of the University of the Philippines - Philippine General Hospital Pedia Oncology Support Group.

The support group consists of some 75 kids with cancer and their parents / caregivers, organized by the Medical Social Service of the hospital which has social workers who help them out with their needs. MDMC Philippines have been working with them starting this year. Through the Mad Dogs Special Projects Committee a golf tournament was organized earlier in 2007 with the funds raised going for drugs needed by the kids, mostly for chemotherapy.

For the Friday event, we have received assistance from various Brothers as well as corporate and individual friends to make this a memorable day for the kids.

The event was held at the Makati Park on J.P. Rizal Avenue on the other side of the Guadalupe bridge after the old Fort Bonifacio gate near the University of Makati.
Mad Dog MC  Philippines Pb4qgtl

Mad Dog Wheel Spin Department.

You just had to ask ...

Where is the club house located?
The Dog House 31 Polaris Street, Makati, 1209 Metro Manila, Philippines
What is your advice so that I can get into the Club?
Get yourself the biggest cruiser you can get your hands on, drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney, increase your tolerance level, rid yourself of shame, and pay us a visit...time will tell....peace bro!
Where did the name come from?
The name is steeped in mystery and folklore...and if you don't know...god dam.
Is this a Harley Davidson Club? What type of bike is required?
Although most of our Brothers have Harley Davidsons, the club is open to cruisers 400cc and above. The rule was set to define which bikes can maintain the pace and riding style of the club. But like we said, it's the biker, not the bike.
Does your Club engage in criminal activities?
Not to our knowledge Wink
Is your Club limited to certain nationalities?
Nope, diversity is one of the key elements of the Club. We have members from at least 20 nationalities, 5 planets and two galaxies and a guy called Kranky.
Is it expensive to join the Club?
Not so, but you'll find out when you're there. right?
Is it true you have strict riding rules?
So true it hurts...
Why do people have to go through the prospecting status? Is there a way to fast track the prospecting status?
Riding with someone through long distances requires a lot of skill and trust. The prospect stage makes sure that you've got what it takes to be with the Club. This is why not everyone makes it as a full pledged member. And yes, there is a way to shorten it...quit before its over.
Do you ride fast?
In reference to light or sound?
They say you ride in formation, how come we saw you weaving in and out of traffic on the highway?
We were in formation while weaving in and out of traffic on the highway.
Is it dangerous?
Let me get back to you on that..
Do I have to get the tattoo? Is it big? Does it have to be on my shoulder?
Yes, Yes, and Yes, unless that space is already occupied by other which case the underside of your arm works too......
Can I get a tattoo and colors like the Mad Dogs so that I can look cool riding my motorbike?
You can try, you can run, but you can't hide.
Do you ride far?
Give me a f****** break!
Where are your other Chapters?
We have active Chapters in The Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. As well as "Members in Good Standing" in a bunch of other places.
What is the reference on the web site to numbers?
Each tattoo and patch carries with it a unique number. Never duplicated, never re-issued.
Why a tattoo? What does it mean?
Our tattoo signifies our commitment to our Club. It's composed of three elements, the wings, fire and the Club's Dog Head. Freedom, Courage, Loyalty.
What are colors?
Colors, also known as our patch, refer to our jacket or vest and identifying club-issued insignia. The top "rocker" is the name of our club. Mad Dog in red letters with white background and black border. The Mad Dog head - regulation size, of course, and the bottom rocker, indicating our nation of origin - Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and etc. Finally, the M.C. patch. We are a 3 patch MC for those that care. To dispel a myth, if we were a gang, don't you think we'd be smart enough to use a patch with a G instead of an MC on it?
Can anyone go to the Doghouse?
Come by, let's have a drink!

1. Membership is strictly by invitation only. Several members in good standing typically sponsor a prospective candidate. Prior to becoming a prospect/ striker for the Club, it is strongly advised to hang around patch holders to get a better idea about our Club, about our riding style, and about our brotherhood.

2. To join, a Member must have a 400cc bike or larger -- In keeping with the hardware necessary to enjoy riding with the Club, the minimum engine displacement standard must be met before being considered as prospect. Most Members rely on Harley Davidson as their preferred bike due to the speed, agility, quality, reliability, weight, and reputation as being the very best motorcycle made. But remember, it's the biker, the Brother, not the bike that ultimately counts.

3. Prospects must serve a minimum six month prospect period in which certain membership duties are fulfilled - The intent is to get to know the Club members and have a good time while doing it. This gives both the prospect and the Club a chance to get a feel of each others skills and habits. Remember that in riding, trust is of utmost importance, this is what we will be establishing at this stage. Take note that not all prospects pass their prospect status.

4. After successfully passing probation, full members are obligated to get the Club tattoo on his shoulder as a sign of dedication to the Club and Brotherhood of MDMC -- Each tattoo is numbered and is strictly FOR MEMBERS ONLY. Over 230 tattoos have been issued as of 2011, including Members in Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand Japan and China.

We are an international Club -- Members come from all walks of life and are a mixture of Filipino and Expatriate nationalities. We have formal Chapters in the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. In addition, the Club has Members In Good Standing in the UK, US, Korea, and Australia. In true biker spirit, we do our own thing, keep to ourselves, and TCOB. Most importantly, and as evident from our web site, we love to ride, raise a little hell, have fun, and enjoy a strong brotherhood every step of the way.

Our mission is very simple: be the paramount bike club in the Philippines with the most road miles while having FUN!

Interested? Come check out the Dog House and meet the bro's -- bring your bike -- join us on a ride or two -- have a beer or ten -- prospect the Club.

Peace Brothers. Ride Safe. Chrome side up
Code of Conduct for MDMC Philippines

An important and defining document, this CODE OF CONDUCT outlines obligations of members and directors, riding rules and the disciplinary process. It is the product of dialogue and debate among the members and was proudly adopted at our Quarterly General Meeting (QGM) on 11 June 2000. It is not meant to cover all specific circumstances. Rather, it serves to articulate the essence of behavior expected of all Mad Dogs --- behavior in terms of public image, safety, and, most importantly, brotherhood.
Common sense and logic rule; concern and respect for fellow members and the Club prevail.
Obligations of members are also applicable to Directors, Committee Chairmen, Sgts.-at-Arms and other appointed officials. It is expected these elected and appointed office holders will lead by example and perform their duties in a fair, unbiased and responsive manner. Any misuse of authority will be investigated by the BoD and could result in appropriate disciplinary action.
DUES AND CONSUMABLES: Members are expected to pay dues and consumables on or before the Annual General Meeting (AGM) generally held the first Saturday of December. Any member unable to meet this deadline for financial reasons should explain this in writing to the Board of Directors (BoD) for consideration. Members who fail to meet the payment schedule and do not notify the BoD of special financial circumstances within 30 days after the AGM, subject themselves to possible dismissal and return of colors to the Club. Reapplication for membership is subject to BoD approval under terms the BoD deems appropriate to the circumstances.
ATTENDANCE: Members are expected to support the Club, the Clubhouse and official Club activities. Attendance at QGM and the AGM are mandatory as well as certain rides. In the event a member cannot attend a mandatory activity or ride, written, advance notice must be submitted. Failure to submit written apologies will result in a P1,000 fine.
BEHAVIOR: Members should insure their behavior is at all times in keeping with the privilege of belonging to the most prestigious motorcycle club in the Philippines. Actions deemed by the BoD to have a negative impact on the Club will be grounds for sanctions.
COLORS: Colors should be worn with pride and treated with respect. Members are encouraged to wear Colors whenever on the road as it increases awareness of the Club; however, Colors are mandatory for all official rides and functions. Failure to wear Colors for official rides and functions will result in a fine and possible sanctions.

Mad Dog MC  Philippines 38545750?op=7&pa=0&pa2=0&pa3=1440&pa4=423&pa5=0&pa6=ff0000&pa7=Creampuff&pa8=5&pa9=0&pa10=1&pa11=0&pa12=Ranks&pa13=0&pa14=000000&pa15=0&pa16=0&pa17=100&pa18=0&pa19=10&pa20=ffffff&pa21=180&pa22=100&pa23=0&pa24=0&pa25=1&pa26=ff0000&pa27=6&pa28=eeeeee&pa29=ffffff&pa30=100&pa31=10&pa32=1&pa33=45&pa34=0&pa35=0&pa36=1&pa37=0&pa38=300x200%3E%2C300x200%3E&pa39=0&klu=1510737898

(Rank 1) - Small Bikers
(Rank 2) - Big Wounder
(Rank 3) - Homie Cholo's
(Rank 4) - Criminal's Bikers
(Rank 5) - Original Bikers
(Rank 6) - Old Bikers

Mad Dog MC  Philippines 38545750?op=7&pa=25&pa2=0&pa3=1397&pa4=423&pa5=0&pa6=ff0000&pa7=Creampuff&pa8=5&pa9=0&pa10=1&pa11=0&pa12=Members&pa13=0&pa14=000000&pa15=0&pa16=0&pa17=100&pa18=20&pa19=10&pa20=ffffff&pa21=180&pa22=100&pa23=0&pa24=0&pa25=1&pa26=ff0000&pa27=6&pa28=eeeeee&pa29=ffffff&pa30=100&pa31=10&pa32=1&pa33=45&pa34=0&pa35=0&pa36=1&pa37=0&pa38=300x200%3E%2C300x200%3E&pa39=0&klu=1510737898
Nathan Spooker
Williams Ellis
Nathan Dextron
Ethan Dextron
John Smugler
Rohan Spooky
Liam Daddy
Spooky Mountine
Lea Bebe
Xymond Crooks
John El Vatos
Gohan Creeper
Duke Williams
Wu Zi Wu
Woozie Mu
Zhang Wei
Balog Salot
Xian Wang
Alexander Ford
Liam Thomas
David Ghetto
Tiger Monteros
Sam Crackers
John Benedicto
Shean Marcos
Christian Ocampo
Christian Degamo
Christian Tagure
Benjamin C Fame
Jaycee Wang
Queen Tang
Ben Mendoza
Grey Set
Gray Thompson
Nathan Wagler
Jack Deen
Jack McDeen
Angel Vatos
Jayzmarc Kalvin
Calvin Equinox
Tazzy Wizzy
Brayan Loston
Brayan Supreme
John M Ante
Louis Loko
Sam Smith
Clark Samson
Derek Fisher
Derek Barnell
Wang Benifet
Benifet Woo
Cody Xander
Cody Cruz
Jas Diaz
Jewel Daez
John Daez
Jayzmarc Maddox
Mike Clark
Mike Song
Petter Galit
Mark Joshua
Joshua Santos
John Over
Arthurs Over
Marco Strassi
David Savi
Savi Swift
Nat Wong

Mad Dog MC  Philippines 38545750?op=7&pa=25&pa2=0&pa3=1397&pa4=423&pa5=0&pa6=ff0000&pa7=Creampuff&pa8=5&pa9=0&pa10=1&pa11=0&pa12=Skins&pa13=0&pa14=000000&pa15=10&pa16=0&pa17=100&pa18=20&pa19=10&pa20=ffffff&pa21=180&pa22=100&pa23=0&pa24=0&pa25=1&pa26=ff0000&pa27=6&pa28=eeeeee&pa29=ffffff&pa30=100&pa31=10&pa32=1&pa33=45&pa34=0&pa35=0&pa36=1&pa37=0&pa38=300x200%3E%2C300x200%3E&pa39=0&klu=1510737898
(Skin 1) - 45
(Skin 2) - 132
(Skin 3) - 179
(Skin 4) - 181
(Skin 5) - 191
(Skin 6) - 23

Mad Dog MC  Philippines 38545750?op=7&pa=25&pa2=0&pa3=1397&pa4=423&pa5=0&pa6=ff0000&pa7=Creampuff&pa8=5&pa9=0&pa10=1&pa11=0&pa12=Vehicle&pa13=0&pa14=000000&pa15=10&pa16=0&pa17=100&pa18=20&pa19=10&pa20=ffffff&pa21=180&pa22=100&pa23=0&pa24=0&pa25=1&pa26=ff0000&pa27=6&pa28=eeeeee&pa29=ffffff&pa30=100&pa31=10&pa32=1&pa33=45&pa34=0&pa35=0&pa36=1&pa37=0&pa38=300x200%3E%2C300x200%3E&pa39=0&klu=1510737898

(Sultan ID 560 2x)
(Mountine Bike ID 510 2x)
(Freeway ID 463 5x)
(Sanchez ID 468 3x)
(Maverick ID 487 1x)

Mad Dog MC  Philippines 38545750?op=7&pa=25&pa2=0&pa3=1397&pa4=423&pa5=0&pa6=ff0000&pa7=Creampuff&pa8=5&pa9=0&pa10=1&pa11=0&pa12=Head%20Quarters&pa13=0&pa14=000000&pa15=10&pa16=0&pa17=100&pa18=20&pa19=10&pa20=ffffff&pa21=180&pa22=100&pa23=0&pa24=0&pa25=1&pa26=ff0000&pa27=6&pa28=eeeeee&pa29=ffffff&pa30=100&pa31=10&pa32=1&pa33=45&pa34=0&pa35=0&pa36=1&pa37=0&pa38=300x200%3E%2C300x200%3E&pa39=0&klu=1510737898

Mad Dog MC  Philippines VvSlvQA
Mad Dog MC  Philippines LdZVk6R

Mad Dog MC  Philippines UzDKhoI
Mad Dog MC  Philippines Mb9CrsrMad Dog MC  Philippines MxPnhnCMad Dog MC  Philippines Mb9Crsr
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