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Alex Pool For LSFMD LEADER Empty Alex Pool For LSFMD LEADER

Post by Alex_Pool Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:11 pm




Phone Number:42551

Biography ( a minimun of 100 words ):Step brother of Alex_pool was born on San fierro in 1995, yeah it's me.. i never saw my father on my life, and my mother sent me to the school when he was seven years old. i started my education in the best school in the city, when i get my Architecture license i lost my mother she lost her life due to using drugs.. i started my career on the city of san fierro and i earned good money from it, when i was 20 Years old i met with my brother Zyrone Almino in san fierro, he found me and met with me like a real friend, he tried to bring me in los santos but i ignore him, then i told him i have a good life in this city and i din't want to change my city now, maybe later. i had a wife her name is Katya, and also one

child, his name is Steven, when we was in my apartment with my brother, Raymond heard something from outside of house. that was a gun shot. he goes outside and found his guys got killed there. my brother was members of bloodz gang, he was two crips killed his guys outside the house. he went outside to help them, those two crips shot my brother and kendrick got injured on his left leg. they escaped and i bringed my brother to the hospital when he feels better he told me everything about his life, gangs and his losted brother... now i got how he living on los santos with enemy gang.. he goes back to the los santos...i saw rich on san fierro and i had a lot of money, wife and a son...but all of it get losted *

Why do you want to join LSFMD:So I can Help people who have injury by an accident so that Los Santos become a Good Place to heal people actually thought they and Help people who have deseases and help people who killed by a Murderer.

Why should this application be approve? :Because I will make Los Santos become a non-sick people place.So that many people will go in Los Santos to be Heal by LSFMD and I will make my self Always Present Everyday and become the most active LSFMD member of all

Post a screenshots of your stats ( /stats ) :Alex Pool For LSFMD LEADER HokHjQ6

Name:Jayzmarc Hervrick




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Alex Pool For LSFMD LEADER Empty Re: Alex Pool For LSFMD LEADER

Post by Gello Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:09 pm


Gello wrote:Alex Pool For LSFMD LEADER 8BRaiKv
Soon to be Director of Federal Department

Alex Pool For LSFMD LEADER 63BaJz9
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