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Gang Recuitment - Ed Instravinsky

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Gang Recuitment - Ed Instravinsky Empty Gang Recuitment - Ed Instravinsky

Post by Jansen Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:41 am

Mexican Fo' LYF!

IG Name : Jansen Smoke

How Old Are You In Los Santos? : 18

Gender : Male

Cellphone Number :24625

Experience/Current Job : Miner/Detective

Biography : (100Maximum)  I'm Jansen Smoke born on June 10,1998 at All Saints General Hospital where i signed a insurance.I live at Los Santos.I work at Detective for almost 2 years ,as a Detective i meet many friends like Gello Rayleigh ,Jean Roncer ,Cherry C. Mcfluffy and Schwan C. River.

                                                                                                             OOC Test

Meanings/DeffenitionsMG : Meta Gaming is using the information gained OOC to influence an IC situation.

PG : Power Gaming is can not do or done in real life.

DM : Death Matching means that you kill someone without a valid IC reason.

RK : Revenge Killing means that you kill someone, because he killed you first.

CR : Car Ramming means that you ram someone with your vehicle without a good reason.

SK : Spawn Killing means that you keep killing someone ,spawn in Country General Hospital or All Saints General Hospital.

                                                                                                     Good Luck!

                                                                                                  Most Important

                                                                                          Language Mexican/Spannish

Hello!, Hi,Hey  = Hola

What's Up = Que Pasa

What Happened = Que Paso

Good Morning = Buenos Dias

Good Night = Buenas Noches

Thanks/Thank You = Gracias

Money = Dinero

Sexy Girl = Chica Sexy

Gangster Squad = Escuadra Gangster

Weapon = Arma

Friend = Amigo

Yes = Si

                                                                                                                 Gracias For Reading!

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