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Suggestion (Script) Empty Suggestion (Script)

Post by Xero Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:05 pm

Your IC name: Vincent_Ancelotti / Kevin_Legget
What is your suggestion for: Scripting
Improvement to drugs crafting / weapons crafting system and be able to Drive-By and adding a pharmacy

Hello, my suggestion is improving weapons and drugs making system abd be able to Drive-by and adding a pharmacy

For weapons, here is my example

9mm - 100 materials + 1 weapon part

Silenced 9mm - 150 materials + 1 weapon part

Deagle - 200 materials + 1 weapon part

Shotgun - 250 materials + 2 weapon parts

Rifle - 300 materials + 2 weapon parts

Tec9 - 350 materials + 3 weapon parts

Uzi - 400 + 3 weapon parts

MP5 - 550 materials + 5 weapon parts

AK-47 - 650 Materials + 6 weapon parts

OT :

M4 / Sniper / Spase-12 Can not be made by illegal official factions, it's located in the Sheriff's lockers, But a corrupt sheriff can supply a gang / mafia with this weapons.

Uzi and Tec9 have same damage, But Uzi have a higher rate of fire and more accurate

Swan-off should be Strictly forbidden because some players will abuse it and use it if it's like a Death Matching server

Silenced Pistol / Uzi / Tec9 Can be made In Real Life, i don't see why we can't make it,

Making weapons should be at the gang's HQ.

For Pharmacy thing :

Pharmacy is a place where to buy bandages, First-Aid kit, and Chemicals

Example :

Bandage - Bandages increases +25 HP to your health ( It's like the First-Aid kit but its cheaper but doesn't give you much HP as the first Aid kit, and must be Role-Played )

First-Aid kit - First Aid kit is more realistic than the "health kit", it gives you +50 HP + it's used to Revive you after begin shot down ( Instead of going to hospital, you can buy it from pharmacy, more realistic, and must be Role-Played )

Chemicals - Chemicals is used to make specified type of drugs ( Meth / PCP, etc, Must be Role-Played first, for Official illegal factions ONLY )

OT : Chemicals should be for Official Illegal factions ONLY to avoid getting it abused

For the drugs System :

Drugs that should be added,

Marijuana : This can be made by growing some seeds in your house, it will take time to grow, However, It can give you 10 armor

Meth : This can be made by Chemicals, however, it must be Role-Played out well and it can give you 20 armor

PCP - it's almost like the meth,but its a bit stronger from Meth, it can be made using Chemicals. however, it must be Role-played out well and it can give you 25 armor.

OT : Making drugs should be for official illegal factions ONLY to avoid begin abused, and Drugs can be made at the gang's HQ.

For Drive-By :

We should be Able to drive by,we can do it In real life, i don't see why we can't do it, but there must be some rules for Drive-by to avoid getting it abused.

1- You CAN NOT Drive-By without a driver or if the vehicle's engine's off.

2- You CAN NOT Drive-By from driver seat, Passenger Seats only,

3- You Can Drive-By with Sub-Machine guns ONLY ( Uzi, Tec9, MP5 )

4- You Must Role-Play the Drive-By Well, You can't just press H and shoot, you must RP taking your weapon and RP leaning out of the window,

5- It's Highly Recommended to Ask admins via /AM to spectate the Drive-By RP scene,

That is all my suggestions, <3

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